#MugshotOfTheDay: Arizona Man Slits Grandmother's Throat

Brandon Smith - Courtesy of Chandler Police Department

(Brandon Smith - Courtesy of Chandler Police Department)

Brandon Smith, a 30-year-old Chandler, Arizona man has been arrested for stabbing and slitting the throat of his 81-year-old grandmother, Helen Smith.

It all went down on Sunday.

According to Brandon, Helen, who suffered from dementia, urinated on herself, so he took her to the shower clean her up.

When he got her in the bathroom, he slapped her, knocking her out as she fell in the tub.

Brandon then went to the kitchen to get a knife.  When he returned he slit her throat.

Next, he called the police and told them that he found his grandmother, that she wasn't breathing, and that it looked like "someone had beaten her up and sliced her throat."

Brandon was gone by the time police arrived, but they were able to apprehend him later on.

He ultimately said he attacked her because he was frustrated about being his grandmother's only caretaker.

Now, we know what you're thinking...

Gary thinks he looks like a Bravo! housewife.

Shannon thinks the resemblance is a bit more Cher-like.

All we're going to say, though, is that Brandon has his own style...

Read the full story at Daily Mail

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