7 Year-Old Stroke Survivor Gets A Medieval B-Day Surprise

7 year-old Buena Park resident Madison Morrison has seen something that very few people have had the privilege of seeing (at least for the last thousand or so years).

Madison has seen a unicorn.

Last May, our friends over at KTLA ran a story about Madison (or "Maddy") and how against all odds, she survived what doctors told her parents would end in death, or at the least, brain death.

Earlier this year, Maddy was brought to the hospital and diagnosed with the flu.  But within 24 hours, she was admitted to the ICU with brain swelling.

Things got worse for Maddy, as she began having seizures, and ultimately, the 6 year-old suffered a stroke.

But after a radical surgery pushed forward by Dr. William Louden which involved removing portions of little Maddy's skull to remove pressure, the unbelievable happened and Maddy began to recover.

After all this, you could bet that Maddy's folks wanted to throw an especially special birthday bonanza for their girl, but family medical costs effectively brought a halt to their hopes.

Which brings us back to unicorns.

Back in May, when Maddy's dad asked her what she wanted for her 7th birthday, she happily exclaimed "a unicorn!"  

Viewers of the report took it upon themselves to help make the brave girl's birthday wish come true.  With the help of Orange County's own Medieval Times (lords, ladies and knights included), they rented out a facility near the Morrison's for an exclusive show.

And guess who...or what showed up to the party as well?  

Watch the full report and see for yourself:

You can help donate to the Morrison family by visiting their YouCaring Fundraiser.

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