Papa John Is Suing Papa John's For Negligence

As if the kitchen weren't hot enough already, things are getting even saucier by the minute with the Papa John's founder-ousting fiasco.

Founder John Schnatter is now suing his old company over how his departure was handled.

Schnatter's attorneys say they want to inspect company documents because of the "unexplained and heavy-handed' way Schnatter was ousted.  

The complaint also claims Schnatter was "falsely accused" of using a racial slur, even though the once proud "Papa" himself has said the reports were true. 

Schnatter resigned as chairman of Papa John's earlier this month, although he still owns 30% of the company.  The pizza chain evicted Schnatter from his corporate office and recently made moves to prevent Schnatter from re-gaining control.

Papa John was forced to step down as CEO of Papa John's earlier this year due to a racist comment he made during a meeting:

Papa John's spokesperson Peter Collins informed CNBC that the company is:

"...saddened and disappointed that John Schnatter has filed a needless and wasteful lawsuit in an attempt to distract from his own words and actions."

Check out the formal complaint here.

Read more about the lawsuit over at CNBC.

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