Stadium's "Millennial Night" Infuriates...Millennials

This is either seriously hilarious, or seriously offensive.

Eh, who are we's HILARIOUS across the board.

A minor league baseball team known as the Montgomery Biscuits appears to have succeeded in infuriating an entire generation.  Everyone's favorite demo, the iconic Millennial!

Any American who's been to more than a few baseball games in their life are probably aware of their nearest stadium's "themed" nights.  You know the kind, the ones that hand out different kinds of free souvenirs on a certain night to promote a certain team or event.  

Youth Day, Free Bobble-head Day, Your-Favorite-Announcer get the picture.

While such theme nights are uber-common in the baseball world, the Biscuits took it to the next level:

Oh yeah.  They went there.

You see what's included.  Participation ribbons.  Selfie stations.  Napping areas.  Avocado burgers.

Let's just they're probably having a field day with all the reactions (positive AND negative) they've received both in real life and social media.

As could be expected, millennials are now coming out in Twitter droves to share their distaste. 

Fortunately, some of them with a sense of humor were able to look past the "diss."

Read more over at Fox News.

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