Man Dies After Being Arrested in Riverside

RIVERSIDE (CNS) - The death of a man who allegedly attacked patrons and staff at a Riverside fast-food restaurant, then went into cardiac arrest after police arrested him, was under investigation today. The in-custody death happened Sunday, but the Riverside Police Department released details Wednesday afternoon. 

According to Riverside police Officer Ryan Railsback, the alleged assailant, identified only as a man in his 30s, turned violent during an encounter with customers and employees of the McDonalds at 2242 University Ave. shortly before 1 p.m. Sunday. Railsback said the man physically lashed out at multiple victims until one of them wrestled him to the floor near the front counter and pinned him there while patrol officers raced to the location. 

Officers arrived within a few minutes and took custody of the suspect, handcuffing him and turning him on his side after he displayed signs of trauma, according to Railsback. He said paramedics were summoned, and moments later the man was placed in an ambulance for the trip to Riverside Community Hospital, less than four miles away.

``The handcuffs were removed, and he was placed in soft restraints attached to the ambulance gurney,'' Railsback said. 

``The suspect went into medical distress on the way to (the) hospital, and upon arrival, emergency room staff continued life-saving measures.'' The man was pronounced dead at 2:13 p.m., according to Railsback. 

Per police department policy, homicide detectives were assigned to investigate the matter, Railsback said.

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