Looks Like A 12-Mile-Long Lake Was Found on Mars

One small step for science, one giant leap for humankind.

Scientists and astronomers have long wondered if there was actually water on Mars and it looks like we finally have the answer.

In a study published by the American Association of the Advancement of Science, a 12 mile-long lake, one mile under the planet's surface has been found.

Experts say the findings help to expand our understanding of the evolution of Mars, the history of water on the Red Planet, and its habitability. 

Does this advance the probability of life beyond Earth?  Sure, though perhaps not by much.  Why?  

Well, as Space.com eloquently puts it: 

"Life means water, but water doesn't mean life"

The hang-up with this find is that we can't definitively say "WATER HAS BEEN FOUND ON MARS," mostly because we don't have direct access to the supposed water-source.  As mentioned, it's presently sitting one-mile below the surface, and NASA's Mars rovers don't have the ability to access it.

Project scientist at NASA for the Curiosity mission Ashwin Vasavada explains:

"If you do have liquid water and you consider its relevance to life, then you also have to go beyond just the fact that it's liquid and ask the temperature that it's at and whether it's able to be used by life.  Not all liquid water is equal in terms of life's ability to use it."

Read more over at Space.com!

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