Forget Sunscreen? These Handy Kiosks Have You Covered!

Hot enough for you?

You've probably heard that comment so many times you're ready to scream.

Well, it IS hot, thanks to this heatwave, but sunshine isn't unusual in Southern California, and if you're a sun lover, you know there are some hard and fast rules to follow when it comes to sun exposure.

First, make sure to visit a dermatologist regularly, because skin cancer is no joke and early detection is key. According to statistics, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. 

Second, ALWAYS wear sunscreen, it helps to reduce the risk of harmful sun exposure.

Well, a few organizations are trying to make it a little easier for you to do at least one of those, by installing FREE sunscreen dispenser kiosks across beaches in SoCal.

UCLA Health, IMPACT Melanoma, a non-profit organization, and BrightGuard, a sunscreen manufacturer, are combining efforts and placing the dispensers in 50 locations in Santa Monica and 'The 'Bu', as we locals call it. (Who are we joking, we don't live in Malibu as much as we'd like to!)

Locations are also being planned for L.A. County. 

Jennifer Hsiao, a UCLA Health dermatologist, told NBC 4:

"I know a lot of parents are really vigilant about putting sunscreen on their children. And hopefully the kiosk will be reminders to put it on your child, and put it on yourself to protect yourself too."

The stations will be up through the end of October. 

While these stations will help you to remember the sunscreen, it's up to YOU to LOOK at your skin closely.  If you see moles or spots that:

  • change in color or size
  • become itchy
  • bleed

Get yourself to a dermatologist so they can check it out and see if it's anything to worry about. 

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