Beverly Hills Bans Electric Scooters

The recent increase in scooters operated by scooter-share startups such as Bird and Lime on the sidewalks and in the streets has prompted the Beverly Hills City Council to ban the use of the motorized vehicles in the city for six months. 

Under the ban, which was approved Tuesday, people are not allowed to ride the scooters or leave them behind in any public right-of-way. 

The council cited public safety concerns as the scooter riders have been involved in several traffic collisions in Beverly Hills and they often do not wear helmets. 

Bird and Lime both charge $1 to rent a scooter, plus 15 cents for every minute of use. The riders find the nearest available scooter by using a mobile app and then rent that scooter by scanning a code on the handlebar with their phone. Once the riders are done they can abandon the scooter anywhere, where riders have sometimes blocked traffic or pedestrians on sidewalks.

According to officials, police will begin to enforce a "zero-tolerance policy" which will include impounding the scooters and handing out citations for vehicle code violations. 

However, advocates say the scooters "offer a convenient, eco-friendly and low-cost transportation option."

Listen below to John and Ken's interview with the mayor of Beverly Hills, Dr. Julian Gold.

Photo: Getty Images

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