#MugshotOfTheDay: Man Strips Naked For Yoga At Gym

Eric Stagno - Courtesy of Plaistow Police Department

(Eric Stagno - Courtesy of Plaistow Police Department)

Please, please, please, PLEASE tell me he didn't do downward dog.

I don't know much about yoga, but I know enough to know that seeing a man like this doing downward dog would not be a fun situation for anyone around.

Especially since he was NAKED!

So, please, for everyone, let's hope he didn't.

Eric Stagno (who is somehow just 34 years old) allegedly took off all of his clothes before doing yoga at a Planet Fitness in New Hampshire.

Why did Stagno think this was acceptable?

Because of the gym's slogan stating it was a "judgment-free zone."

Yeaaa, that's not quite what that means, man.

"Judgment-free zone" means they aren't going to ridicule you for your hair, make fun of your beard, or note that you look way too much like Rasputin.

It doesn't mean that you can strip down to nothing and stretch it out in front of everyone in the building.

Stagno was taken into custody and charged with indecent exposure/lewdness and disorderly conduct.

He is free on bail and will be arraigned on September 21.

Read the full story at NECN

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