Baloo The Border Collie Turns The House Into A Water Park

What do you do when your dog does something bad but funny?

You laugh about it, hopefully catch it on video or in a picture and share it with the world.

That's what happened to Cara Wohr.

Baloo is her 5 month old border collie, and anyone that has a border collie can tell you, they have a LOT of energy.

Cara and Baloo and the rest of their pack live in Lake Dallas, Texas, and it's been HOT there, and what's there to do when it's hot? Cool off, naturally! 

Baloo is obsessed with the sprinkler and loves playing with it on hot days, and Cara has posted photos of Baloo on her Facebook page, enjoying the sprinkler...OUTSIDE. 

Outside is the key word here.

Well, one day last week Baloo decided it was way too hot outside, so he needed to find a new place to play with his beloved sprinkler. 

Cara told People Magazine, that she was in another room reading when she heard some noise.  Thinking the dogs were just playing around, she didn't think much of it.

Until the barking started.  So, she went into the living room to check things out and that's when she saw water spraying everywhere!

Apparently, Baloo thought the perfect place to play with the sprinkler was IN THE HOUSE! 

She told People:

“I was in a panic on what to do. My lamp and TV were getting soaked.”

Well, she did what any good dog owner would do, starting laughing and grabbed a camera to snap some pics before dragging the sprinkler back outside.

Then, she posted the photo to Facebook, so the rest of the world could enjoy Baloo's adventures!

Thank you Cara....'Who's a good boy?  Baloo's a good boy!'

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