Hachi Machi! Mega Millions Nears Half A Billion

It's that time again, bub!  Lottery MANIA is sweeping the nation with tomorrow's Mega Millions drawing currently hovering at $433 million.

Tuesday's drawing yielded no grand-prize winner, which is how this beast of a prize came to be.  There were winners, but no full six-number matches, leaving the 3 winners a paltry $1 million.

The last Mega Millions jackpot went out on May 4 in Ohio in the amount of $142 million (or about $84 million after 28% state and federal taxes).

As of the posting of this article, you have just 45 minutes to get your keesters to the nearest corner store and pick up a ticket to all your dreams coming true!  *sigh*

But how do you win?  Buy a single ticket?  Choose your numbers?  Quick pick?

Check out the video below for some tips...use at your own risk!

Read more over at WRAL News

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