Nude Cyclist vs. San Jose Freeway

Is everyone in the Bay Area doing okay? Between the suitcases filled with human feces on the streets and people calling police on little girls selling water bottles, what other kind of shenanigans will they get into next. 

Well it looks like this next round of shenanigans took place in San Jose on Highway 101 Wednesday morning. At around 9:30 a.m., California Highway Patrol received numerous calls about a man bicycling on the freeway between Story Road and Alum Rock Avenue, biking against traffic at times between the north and southbound lanes. 

Never mind the fact that he wasn't wearing a helmet on a stretch of road where cars can easily be going 70 mph but he was also sans a pair of pants. 

Instagram user Nick Moezidis captured the incident writing, 

"It's against California law to ride a bike without a helmet. Doesn't he know that." 

According to CHP, three units were out looking for the man but he was never located. 

Keep doing you Bay Area, we love the content. 

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