Maxine Waters Tells Supporters Not to Confront Protesters

A 35,000 member militia group called The Oath Keepers, planned a protest today at Rep. Maxine Waters South-Central Los Angeles office.

Waters warned her supporters not to be baited into a confrontation with the far-right group who often dress in military gear and carry military-grade rifles at protests across the country. 

The Oath Keepers planned the protest over Water's "incitement of terrorism" and "Democrats' opposition to Republican immigration policies."

“I am requesting those individuals and groups planning a counter-protest to not be baited into confronting the Oath Keepers with any demonstrations in opposition — such an occurrence would only exacerbate tensions and increase the potential for conflict,” Waters said in a statement.

The Oath Keepers call to action stated "Maxine Waters is inciting terrorist violence and threats of violence. We need to stand up against this." They also claim the protest could last up to several weeks.

Update: The militia group failed to show up outside Water's office Thursday.

Photo: Getty Images

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