Hollywood Filming Declines

Hollywood’s not as busy these days. Film LA released new numbers on film activity in the area and reports “on-location” productions have slipped about 5-percent from this time last year. President Paul Audley says that’s mostly driven by reality TV shows like ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and ‘American Idol,’ which film on production stages. However, tax incentives are keeping film projects going.

"Tax incentives have been amazing. We're looking at anywhere from 10% - 12% in some categories to 30% of the production happening in some of these high value, economic, job-producing categories," says Audley.

Audley also says that there is a little downturn in dramas right now too since many shows are done for the season, but still, film is thriving."

"We saw a huge return of filming to Los Angeles when California truly began to compete in 2014-2015 with an improved tax credit."

Audley says he expects production to pick up since the state extended its film tax credit program to 2025.

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