Beverly Hills Police Step Up Enforcement on Use of Motorized Scooters

BEVERLY HILLS (CNS) - Beverly Hills police said today they are monitoring the use of motorized scooters within the city limits and have issued more than 100 warnings and citations over the past week to riders caught without helmets or a valid driver's license. 

The use of electric scooters -- the companies Bird and Lime both offer rentals in the city -- was brought before the Traffic and Parking Commission for discussion earlier this week and recommendations regarding additional regulations will be brought before the City Council on Tuesday.``The safety of our residents and visitors is always our top priority,'' Beverly Hills police Chief Sandra Spagnoli said. 

``We work to ensure all traffic laws are obeyed and that pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers and scooter riders themselves are not put at unnecessary risk.''Beverly Hills police said they may remove scooters from the sidewalk if they are obstructing the normal movement of traffic or creating a hazard. 

Residents or visitors who come across a scooter obstructing vehicular or pedestrian traffic are urged to call the police department's non-emergency line at (310) 550-4951.

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