Stormwater Parcel Tax Approved for November Ballot

The Los Angeles County board of supervisors approved the "Safe, Clean Water Program" Tuesday in a 4-1 vote for the November ballot. The program is a never-ending stormwater parcel tax that is supposed to fund projects that catch, clean and percolate stormwater underground where it can increase the region’s future water supply.

Voters will decide on the tax that would add about $83 to the annual property tax bill for owners of a typical parcel of about 6,000 square feet.

BizFed, the Los Angeles Business Federationopposes the tax and wants to lower or end it, saying the "tax will go on forever with no guarantees of what it will fund." 

BizFed went on to say,

"However, in light of the measure not having a master plan for the watershed areas, including commitments to projects with costs, timelines and anticipated results, BizFed felt it was absolutely critical to offer the voters and taxpayers a dusk clause that would reduce the tax after 30 years to eventually cover operations and maintenance."

Photo: Getty Images

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