Protesters Upset After Homeless Removed from West Hollywood Park

Protesters stood near the spot where many homeless people once took residence but have now been forced out. 

Poinsettia Park near West Hollywood was so inhabited by the homeless that trash and feces littered the sidewalks, virtually closing off the park to community residents.

Residents of the area are thrilled, 

"They've opened up the gates to the park again and there are people playing dodgeball and just parking on the other side of the street, which you didn't see and you couldn't do because there was garbage all over the place," resident Dave told ABC 7."

Protesters are upset because they feel the county is just pushing the homeless to other neighborhoods and not really taking care of the problem. 

Jed Parriott of the Democratic Socialists of America was one of the protesters, he planned a silent vigil for the homeless. 

The protests caused tension among the residents who just want their neighborhood safe and clean again. 

"You're upset because you feel like we're dehumanizing people and we're upset because we feel like you're dehumanizing us," Dave said.

Photo: Getty Images

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