One Lucky Dog

Photo Courtesy Facebook: Adventures of Columbo

One 5-month-old Great Dane mix puppy is a VERY lucky dog!  

But it didn't start out that way.

Apparently, the pup was hit by a car in Columbus, Georgia and he laid there on the side of the road, miles from the nearest town, for who knows how long, bleeding and with a broken leg.

It wasn't until some mountain bikers happened upon him that he had a chance to survive.  

Chris Dixon and Jarrett Little had stopped briefly to wait for the other members of their group to catch up when suddenly they saw something hobbling toward them.  

According to

"He looked terrible. He was hungry. He was in bad shape, but he seemed happy to see us."

They called him 'Sprocket' and were determined to save him.  But they only had their bikes, so how were they going to get him to a vet? 

They tried balancing him on their handlebars, it didn't work.

So they decided to give Sprocket a piggyback ride.  Little had a riding shirt on with pockets on the back on the bottom, so they carefully positioned him so they ride him into town.

Thankfully, the little guy knew this was his way out, so he managed to stay put for the SEVEN mile ride.

"He was injured, so he wasn't trying to fight a lot. He was also happy that we were there, touching him and hadn't taken off on him."

They stopped at a bike shop in town and that's where Andrea Shaw, a woman from Maine, just happened to be visiting at that exact moment, and when she saw Sprocket, according to

"Her heart melted and she made a promise to the dog: That would be his last terrible, awful day. "I'm saving this dog, he's bleeding and broken and I'm not leaving him," she told her husband, Joel, in a phone call."

The bikers were overjoyed that Shaw wanted to adopt him.

Shaw took him to the vet, paid for his medical bills and worked with the organization Canine Freedom Transportation to get him back to her home where she has two other pups.

And Sprocket has a new name, Columbo...or 'Bo' for short.   She started sharing his adventures on Facebook and that's when everything went viral. 

Shaw says Bo is recovering well from his injuries and loves his new home and his new siblings.

You can keep updated on Bo's activities through his Facebook page!

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