100 Degrees In LA Valleys, Then 100 Humid Degrees, NWS Says

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Temperatures will continue to be warm in the Southland, and a wave of monsoon air from Arizona will make things stickier by Wednesday, with thunderstorms possible in the L.A. Basin midweek.

The National Weather Service predicted today that high temperatures will continue to reach the mid to upper 90s across valleys, with some hot corners possibly reaching 100, this week,

The Antelope Valley will be between 100-105 Monday and Tuesday.

Beach areas will see continued spotty late night and early morning low clouds.

Another monsoon push looks better to hit Southern California early Wednesday morning, the NWS said, making it possible for thunderstorms to reach further west into the Los Angeles Basin than Southland residents usually see.

"However, this far out, it is tough to get a good handle on exactly how far west and north the potential for showers and thunderstorms will be,” the NWS said in a summary.

Photo: Getty Images

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