#TechTalk: Having Better Communication With Your Virtual Assistant

One minute Siri is your best friend when she comes through clutch and identifies the song that's on in the restaurant.

But then, 10 minutes later, and you need directions quickly, she apparently can't understand you and causes you to miss your turn.

Same thing with Alexa.  She reminds you about your early morning meeting, but then she doesn't understand what you mean when you say, "Add milk to the grocery list."


It can be super frustrating and super annoying, but LifeHacker says there are some things you can do to help.

  1. Give her a second - I know you want the answer like RIGHT NOW, but virtual assistants need a second.  They need to process your voice and then search through their programming.  Responses won't always be instantaneous.
  2. Talk like a normal person - Don't slow down.  Don't over-enunciate.  They were programmed to respond to normal voices, not dramatic ones.
  3. Be authentic - If you have an accent, keep it.  Most virtual assistants are programmed to understand them, so attempting to cover them up will just make things messy.
  4. Repeat yourself - Not right off the bat, but be willing to.  The way you worded your question just may not be the best way for the virtual assistant to understand.
  5. Limit your expectations - The answers will probably be basic.  Just accept it.

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