#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelorette Report with Petros

It certainly is the dog days of summer.  Not just in baseball (sidenote... vote Dodgers player Max Muncy into this weekend's All Star Game!), but also in The Bachelorette.

With the guys dwindling down to the real contenders, we are at the awful stage where all the men starting bearing their hearts and telling us about their plights in life.

Colton let's Becca in and tells her that he is a virgin, which she responds to pretty much how you would expect the star of a reality show that is based on people falling in love without knowing much about the other person other than what they look like and how they perform in the fantasy suite.  Immaturely.  She responds pretty immaturely.

Plus, Blake is having trouble knowing that Becca is spending time with other guys.

While Becca is starting to understand how it was so tough for Arie to just pick one girl.  

Did I say Arie?  I did.  Because Becca isn't interesting enough to carry a show and all she has going for her is the heartbreak she experienced last season.  Gosh, this show sucks so hard.

So, Blake tells Becca that he loves her and Becca says she loves him, but she can't tell him yet, so he's just running around in the dark.


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