Video: A Squirrel Eating Out of a Condom is Hilariously Inappropriate

A nanny from Maine was out and about with the kids on a Monday....just strolling along....minding their own business when they came across a small squirrel.

Now obviously that isn't too unusual...they were in nature after all, but if this was just a normal "squirrel in the woods" kind of thing I wouldn't be making a post now would I?

So anyways...Emily Cole and the kids were walking past this squirrel sitting on a perch....eating.....out of an unwrapped condom.

And let's be real...y'all know there were no nuts, berries or twigs in there.

Cole is videoing this whole event and as she is, the kids she's with are making the best comments.

One says it looks like a balloon the squirrel is eating from and wonders what could be inside.

Kids are the best huh?

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