Veteran Teaches Little Boy About Bravery

These are the moments in life that remind you that there are so many wonderful people in the world, despite all the crap that we see about people being jerks.

Here's a reminder to JUST BE NICE PEOPLE! 

Michael Bliss is nice.

He's 95-years-old, and a veteran of the Air Force who served in both WWII and the Korean War. 

Recently, he was enjoying a day out at the pool with his family and wife of 72 years (she is a veteran too, serving in the Coast Guard) when suddenly, he saw one little boy from the neighborhood who was WAY too afraid to jump from the diving board.

Well, Michael wanted to fix that, and teach the little boy that there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of, even at his age.  

So, with a little help from his cane and some family members he made his way over to the diving board, climbed up, carefully made his way to the end, flexed his muscles and dove in!

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