UC System Announces Highest Number of Undergraduate Admissions in History

LOS ANGELES (CNS) - UCLA offered admission to more than 16,000 high school seniors and nearly 5,600 transfer students for the fall term, university officials announced today.

 The students offered admission were chosen from a record of nearly 114,000 freshmen applications and 23,000 transfer applications, according to UCLA.

 Of the freshman admission offers, 8,730 were made to California residents. The university expects to actually enroll about 4,200 California residents as freshmen for the fall term and 1,600 students from out of state. UCLA expects to actually enroll about 3,225 transfer students.

 Among the 8,730 California students offered freshman admission, 23 percent are Chicano/Latino, 6 percent are black and 1 percent are American Indian, while 41 percent are Asian American and 23 percent are white.

 The University of California system as a whole offered nearly 137,000 students a spot on at least one of its nine undergraduate campuses this fall, including more than 28,750 transfer applicants, the highest number in the history of the university.

 California residents make up the vast majority of those admitted -- 71,086 as freshmen and 24,568 as transfer students, officials said.

 Overall, the figures represent 1,114 more California freshmen and 1,851 more California transfers than were offered admission last year. Almost all of the transfers were from the California community colleges.

 ``After reviewing yet another record-breaking number of applications, our campuses have offered admission to an exceptionally talented group of students for the upcoming academic year,” said UC President Janet Napolitano.

 ``With the benefit of a UC education, these accomplished young people from different backgrounds, with diverse beliefs and aspirations, will make California and the world a better place,” Napolitano said. ``We look forward to having them at the university.”

 More California undergraduates are enrolled at UC than at any point in its history, university officials said.

 Following last year's enrollment jump of about 5,000 California students, officials anticipate that the UC system will have far surpassed its goal of adding an additional 10,000 Californians by the 2018-19 academic year. Total three-year growth is estimated to be an additional 15,000 California resident undergraduates, officials said.

Photo: Getty Images

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