Man Survives Being DRAGGED By Train

When you ride a light rail train, do you ever think about how that train might just kill you at the end of your trip?

Sam Hynes didn't think that.

But then, back in March, he boarded an RTD (Regional Transportation District) light rail train in Denver with his bike in tow.

When he got off the train, he took his bike but then fell and became trapped between the platform and the edge of the train.

And then the train started GOING!

Hynes was DRAGGED along with the train and only stopped when he hit a wheelchair ramp.

The video, taken from security cameras on the train platforms is really scary to look at but the amazing thing is that Sam SURVIVED!  He suffered a broken arm, and rib and spine fractures.

David Krivit, Hynes' attorney, told Denver7:

"I'm amazed he wasn't killed. I was really shocked."

Apparently, the driver of the train had no idea Hynes was trapped and being dragged.

In an interview last month, RTD spokesman, Scott Reed told Denver7 that the situation could have been much worse:

“It was difficult for the train operator to see that. That’s a bad line of sight. The train operator could have used mirrors a bit more effectively.”

Hynes is looking for RTD to cover his injuries. His attorney says they're working with them to settle the case and to help figure out what happened and how to prevent it from happening again. 

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