@DrWendyWalsh Helps Us Understand The Keys To Trust

Relationships are built on trust.

Without trust, you never let anyone in enough to build a meaningful bond, depriving yourself of a strong relationship with anyone.

Beyond that, when you cut everyone else out, you're also depriving yourself of a strong relationship with yourself.

If you find yourself struggling with trust, you are not alone.  Many people are in your exact place.

However, there are simple things that you can focus on and work on in order to start building that trust.

  1. Understand that everyone has their flaws and ugly parts.
  2. Change your ugly parts, but learn to accept the parts that are unchangeable.
  3. Work on living with intense emotions, whether they are positive or negative.
  4. Be aware of externally processing these feelings.
  5. Leave the past behind.  Just because someone wronged you in the past does not mean every single person in the future will, as well.
  6. Delay gratification.  Trust is a long process, so you must learn to deal with delayed gratification, rather than going straight to instant gratification.
  7. Believe in the goodness of the world and the people in it.
  8. Understand that someone breaking your trust does not mean you need to break down.
  9. Forgive yourself for going off on people.
  10. Learn that you must understand yourself before other people can understand you.

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