California Malls Have Been Feeding License Plate Data Back to ICE

Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash

If you have been shopping at malls in California, be aware, your license plate may have been scanned and that data could be in the hands of ICE. 

According to a report by tech watchdog group Electronic Frontier Foundation, a regional real estate company called the Irvine Company, has been feeding visitor information into a nationwide database. 

The report also says that ICE isn't the only customer buying Vigilant Solutions' data, they also share it with up to 1,000 law enforcement agencies. 

The Irvine Company later issued a statement about the issue:

“Irvine Company is a customer of Vigilant Solutions. Vigilant employs ALPR technology at our three Orange County regional shopping centers. Vigilant is required by contract, and have assured us, that ALPR data collected at these locations is only shared with local police departments as part of their efforts to keep the local community safe.”

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