Residents Spooked Over Shootings at Malibu Creek State Park

Malibu Creek State Park has long drawn visitors over its rich history and scenic beauty but now local residents and frequent hikers and campers are saying they will use more caution when visiting the park. 

The 8,200 acre park between Agoura Hills and Calabasas has been the site of several mysterious shootings. The most recent shooting being the death of father Tristan Beaudette when he was camping with his two young daughters. Authorities have still not found a suspect or a motive for the shooting. 

Other people who experienced gunfire at the park started to come forward after Beaudette's death and shared their stories. 

The seven other shootings that happened in or near the park in the last two years often went unreported and that is what frightened residents and people working in the park the most. The little information shared and no warnings has left them spooked and feeling unsafe when using the trails in their neighborhood. 

“I’ve never so much as had a bike stolen,” Gayle Shea, who has lived in Monte Nido with her family for 10 years, told the Daily News.

Shea said the first many of the local residents heard about the series of shootings at the park was in local news reports and that they were "going crazy" over lack of official information about the incidents. 

“I wouldn’t go walking there now,” Shea said. “Would you?”

Locals said they have called the Lost Hill’s station multiple times for more information. 

Photo: Getty Images

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