Heatwave Causes Thousands of Ants to Infiltrate a Home

This past weekends heatwave left a sizzling scorch on those of us who stayed local. While many of us were catching waves at the beach or hiding in a dark A/C filled room, others were fighting off an ant infiltration! 

A Pasadena couple quickly learned that even tiny bugs are really feeling the heat. Their home was taken over by hundreds of thousands of ants who have some serious survival skills.  

“All of sudden there just were ants everywhere,” Pasadena homeowner, Heidi VanKooten, said.

Just yesterday, the ants began showing up inside of the couples pantries. 

“We had ants along the baseboard here. Coming in I think from outside,” says Bryce VanKooten.

The Pasadena homeowners tried everything from Windex to vinegar sprays, but nothing seemed to work. 

“We tried the vinegar and water effect and it didn’t really work that well. We just got vinegar all over our floors.”

“The Windex works for about 12 hours. That’s what we killed them with,” Heidi said.

Apparently, three other homes nearby have also experienced a similar infestation, CBS reports. 

An exterminator assured the family that after spraying with high-grade repellent, the bugs should be gone within five days. 

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