The Fight Continues to Repeal The Gas Tax

The 12-cent gasoline tax passed by lawmakers last year is now the center of a major battle for the control of Congress in the November election. 

The tax which was passed to fund road and bridge repairs has steadily increased the price of gas for Californians and raised car insurance prices, which many Republican candidates have fought to repeal. 

Gov. Jerry Brown is doing everything in his power to keep the gas tax and pledges to raise over $25 million.

“This has nothing to do with taxes,” Mr. Brown said. “This is engineered by the Republican congressional delegation to prop up their vulnerable Republicans in Orange County and the Central Valley. They don’t give a damn about the roads in California.”

However, voters of all backgrounds and political parties are over the gas prices as the average price of gasoline in California is almost double the national average. 

Read the full New York Times article. 

Photo: Getty Images

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