Affordable Tools For Every Homeowner With Dean Sharp

Dean Sharp "The House Whisperer" is here for another DIY Friday!

Are you a home owner?

Do you have $20 sitting around?

You may want to invest it in one of these super handy, super affordable tools that every homeowner should have in their tool box (or near it...the water main key is pretty big...).

Let's go through the gallery...

First there is the claw pick-up tool.  This is one of the most recognizable tools in this collection.  Whether you drop something down the sink or down in an engine, this little guy can help you reach all sorts of things.

Then there are universal sockets and wrenches.  Although they aren't as good as the perfectly sized options, they allow you to take care of a lot of tasks.

Kitchen sink plungers are exactly what you think.  The nice thing about them, tough, is that they never touch toilet contents.  Plus, it is much smaller and super easy to keep hidden in the bathroom.

Having a hard time keeping something level while you're mounting it?  Need a little extra lift?  Try out and air shim.  It can handle up to 300 pounds!

Finally, there's the water main key.  It simply allows you to shut off your water main down by the street.  Whether you need to do some work on the pipes, or something else, it just keeps water from surprising you.

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