The FAA Has A Message For Complaining Passengers...

If you are someone who has complained about the small seats and cramped legroom offered by the airlines these days, the FAA has a message for you... Deal with it! 

The Federal Aviation Administration has said that these issues aren’t their problems, and announced that it will not regulate airline seat size and legroom. This was in response to a recent lawsuit filed by a group that says the shrinking seat size is a safety issue on airplanes.

Since 1978, seats have moved 3 inches closer together as airlines jam more passengers on each flight, according to plaintiff, FlyersRights.

But, the FAA said that the sizes of their seats should not be a safety issue.

"The time it takes passengers to get out of their seats, even if those seats are relatively narrow and close together, is less than the time it takes for the emergency exits to begin functioning and for the line that begins forming in the aisle to clear," Dorenda Baker, executive director of the FAA's Aircraft Certification Service said.

Do you think that the airline's efforts to cram as many people on flights as possible has caused a safety issue? Would you like to see the FAA regulate seat sizes?

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