Police Investigating Several Other Shootings at Malibu Creek State Park

Tristan Beaudette, of Irvine, was fatally shot in the head inside his tent where he was camping with his two young daughters at Malibu Creek State Park. However, the June 22 incident is not the first shooting at the park and now police are investigating seven other shootings that happened at the park between November 2016 and June 2018. 

According to CNN, there were two shootings in 2016, Nov. 3 and 9, and four more in 2017: June 6, July 22 and July 30. And a seventh on June 18.

Authorities don’t have a suspect or any leads in the case and still have not found a motive for the shooting.

In January 2017, a camper at Malibu Creek State Park Meliss Tatangelo, posted on Facebook about a bullet hole she found on her car the morning after her stay.  If the bullet went any higher it could have ended in a similar and tragic situation like Beaudette's. 

Detectives have not found enough evidence to suggest the June 22, 2018 shooting is related to the other previous 7 shootings. 

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