Liberal Elite Should Back Up Their Stance on Immigration

The National Review recently published an article telling liberals they should "back up their rhetoric on immigration" and invite illegal immigrants to live in their communities. 

Several short-term solutions could be used to help the mass amounts of immigrants that swarm the border in an effort to seek refuge in the U.S. illegally. 

Author Victor Davis Hanson asks the question, why not use the thousand of currently half empty residence halls at American universities during the summer to help house some of these immigrant families?

Hanson also in particular calls out the elite like Actor Peter Fonda and all their unused square footage of home and guest houses that could be used to offer temporary hospitality. 

Hanson writes,

"Actor Peter Fonda could do far better to help immigrants than by tweeting threats to 12-year-old Barron Trump from his most non-diverse ranch in Paradise Valley, Montana. Why doesn’t Peter Fonda invite a few of the immigrant families awaiting word on their legal status to the open spaces of his Montana ranch?"

He has a point don't you think?

Photo: Getty Images

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