$45,000-Per-Year Private School Plans To Separate Students By Race

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

A very expensive private school in Manhattan's West Village has parents in an uproar over its plan to continue allegedly segregating students by race.

The Little Red School House, which charges tuition fees of $45,485 per year, said the practice will continue in the fall, according to The New York Post

One parent of a recent graduate says the school had been segregated for as long as she had been there and it wasn't at all conspicuous.

“They weren’t very transparent about it,” said the grad’s father, whose daughter was in what he referred to as the “minority class.”

“It was my daughter who immediately noticed that all the kids of color were in one class. If you’re going to have that policy, you need to be upfront,” he said.

School Director Philip Kassen sent a message to parents revealing "race as a critical, but not primary, determinant," for how students are placed into their homerooms. 

One father of a student, who wished to remain anonymous, was quoted in The Post saying;

 "And I was thinking how antiquated is this? This is backwards. It's almost like segregation now." 

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