Bob Miller & Rich Marotta Reunite on the Conway Show!

After some 30 years, legendary sports commentators Bob Miller and Rich Marotta return to they mics as the join the Conway Show!

Bob Miller has become a household name in Los Angeles and beyond.  Most know him from his time as play-by-play announcer for the NHL's Los Angeles Kings, which was a pretty long time indeed (44 years)! 

Some of the biggest highlights of his 3,300 called games include covering Wayne Gretsky's record-shattering 1,851st goal, as well as the Kings' first Stanley Cup win:

Miller has also received the honor of being inducted into the Southern California Sports Broadcasters Hall of Fame, the Wisconsin Hall of Fame, and of course, the Los Angeles Kings Hall of Fame.

Rich, on the other hand, has had his hand in a few different endeavors, to say the least.

He worked alongside Miller as color commentator for the LA Kings, as well as for the Los Angeles/Oakland Raiders, and Los Angeles Clippers.

Most of our KFI friends remember Rich as being KFI's Sports Director for 23 years on the Bill Handel morning show.

Rich is alos honored as a Hall of Fame Inductee in the Souther California Sportscasters Hall of Fame, and the California Bopxing Hall of Fame.

Since Rich's retirement, he founded the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame based out of Reno, Nevada.

Listen to Bob Miller and Rich Marotta on the show in the iHeartRADIO player below!

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