#TechTalk: Apps To Help You Save Some Money

You like apps.

You like saving money.

Well, it makes sense that you would like apps that save you money.

Whether you're buying clothes, groceries, or gas, or if you're just trying to get your hands on a good book, there are apps out there that can help you out.

  • Ebates - Want to get money back just for doing the shopping you already do?  Ebates is for you.  Just open the app before you shop and watch the credit rack up in your account.
  • Flipp - This app puts all the ads and deals in one place, making it super easy for you to find the best prices all around.
  • Hotels.com - Most of you know about Hotels.com and how it works, but did you also know that members have access to a "secret price" feature?  I guess there's only one way for you to really see how low the prices go...
  • GasBuddy - Like Gary has been saying, $4 for a gallon of gas is ridiculous.  With GasBuddy, though, you can find the cheapest price in any area.  Every cent counts!
  • Mint - Need help budgeting?  Mint has every feature you'll need.
  • Office Lens - Need a scanner?  Just get Office Lens.  Scan, trim, search for words.  It has it all.
  • Libby - Tired of buying ebooks and audiobooks?  Have a library card?  Well, you can just borrow all the books you're looking for through your local library.

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