Senator Chuck Schumer Introduces Bill to Decriminalize Pot Federally

Sen. Chuck Schumer has introduced a new bill to decriminalize and regulate marijuana at the federal level.

The bill would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act, where it is classified among drugs such as heroin and LSD.

“The time to decriminalize marijuana is now,” said Senator Schumer in a press statement. “The new Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act is about giving states the freedom to be the laboratories that they should be and giving Americans – especially women and minority business owners as well as those convicted of simple possession of marijuana intended for personal use- the opportunity to succeed in today’s economy. This legislation is simply the right thing to do and I am hopeful that the balanced approach it takes can earn bipartisan support in Congress and across the country.” 

Schumer's bill would direct a specific amount of tax revenue to a Treasury trust fund for the "small business concerns" of women and "socially and economically disadvantaged" individuals working in the marijuana industry.

Schumer’s Marijuana Freedom and Opportunity Act is cosponsored by Senators Bernie Sanders, Tim Kaine and Tammy Duckworth. 

Do you think AG Jeff Sessions will support this bill?

Do you think Trump would sign it if it makes its way to his desk?

Photo: Getty Images

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