#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelorette Report with Petros

The Bachelorette rolls on, so we do too.

Let the weekly suffering session begin.

Colton sucks.  Well, they all suck...  But, Colton really sucks.

This week, in standard high school fashion, Colton tells Becca about all the walls he has built up and how she is just so amazing and that she's making it easy for those walls to come down.

Then, Jordan the male model and David the frat boy try to out-douche each other while they were on a 2-on-1 date.  

Luckily, Becca couldn't stand it, so she sent David home so she could really get to know Jordan.

What does that mean to Jordan?

That means he has more time to tell her about how pretty he is and how much he works out and how she really needs to see his portfolio.


Luckily, he got sent home too.

Unluckily (is that a word?), that means we will be seriously lacking good moments in the show.

Whatever.  It sucks no matter what. 

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