President Trump's Support Not Enough to Pass GOP Immigration Bill

The compromise immigration bill that was postponed until Wednesday has been rejected. The House rejected the bill that was supposed to combine citizenship for "Dreamers" with stiffer ruling, put limits on legal immigration, and provide funding for Trump's border wall. 

The bill fell on a 301-121 vote, even with the full support of President Trump. 

The compromise on the floor had potential to grant a pathway to citizenship to an estimated 1.2 million illegal immigrants who were covered in the Obama-era DACA program. 

$23 billion in funding for the proposed border wall will now longer be granted and 55,000 immigration passes that get passed out in a yearly visa lottery will no longer be available. 

A number of conservatives have said the bill was a too-generous “amnesty” for illegal immigrants, while lacking the stiff enforcement measures they said are needed to stop future illegal immigration.

The House also rejected Democrats’ attempt to ban family separations. That bill was defeated 230-190, with Republicans calling it a 'distraction from the bigger debate over illegal immigration.'

The dismissal of a family separation bill leaves an issue that has sparked outrage across the country for weeks ultimately up in the air. 

Photo: Getty Images

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