LA County Supervisors Demanding Answers for Anthony Avalos

Supervisor Katheryn Barger calls the death of Ten-year-old Anthony Avalos a murder. She says  LA County Supervisors have ordered a review of the response to child abuse claims in Lancaster. Ten-year-old Anthony Avalos died last week after sufferring severe head injuries. 

"You had teachers, you had family members, you had law enforcement come in contact and yet Anthony is now at the morgue. We're waiting for the autopsy findings." 

Barger says years of the reported abuse sounds like the murder of Gabriel Fernandez a few years ago in the Antelope Valley. 

"I didn't think something like that could happen again given the public outcry"

School officials, family members, and friends had reported child abuse for at least three years. The Los Angeles Times reported at least 16 calls were made to a child abuse hotline prior to Anthony's death. LA County Supervisors are digging to find where the ball was dropped. 

“This was an innocent child who suffered unspeakable abuse,” said Supervisor Kathryn Barger.

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