@DrWendyWalsh Explains Recent Changes In Dating Culture

What has happened to dating?

Despite what many people may say or think, dating hasn't disappeared, it's just changed.

More specifically, it isn't nearly has formal as it once was.

Not too long ago, the standard procedure was for one person to approach another and ask them out on a date.  That date might lead to another, and then another, and so on until the two decided to officially be in a relationship.

Unless you are under the age of 20, you're likely familiar with that form of dating.

Well, that way of dating is now on the outs.

How do we know?

Well, first dates aren't happening as much.

That's not to say that single people aren't spending time with one another.  It just means that dating has become much more casual than it was in the past.

Last year, according to Match’s Eighth Annual Singles in America Survey, only 44 percent of single people went on an actual first date.  Instead, people do a lot more "hanging out."

Think Netflix-and-chill.

Combine that with never ending work being done on dating apps, and people just want to hang out.

Keeping up with life and finding a partner is already exhausting and expensive, so rather than spending even more time and money running out to the next cool place, people have taken on stay-at-home dates, a.k.a. Netflix-and-chill, as the new norm.

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