Pico Rivera Officials Plan Crackdown on Illegal Street Racing

PICO RIVERA (CNS) - Authorities today announced a planned crackdown on illegal street racing activities in Pico Rivera.

 ``The city of Pico Rivera has a duty and obligation first and foremost to protect our residents from the illicit activities perpetrated by local street racers,” Pico Rivera Mayor Gustavo Camacho said.

 ``The recent reckless actions exhibited by these street racers is a direct threat to the public's safety and will not be tolerated by this city,” Camacho said.

 Camacho said city officials have asked the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department ``to use whatever means necessary within the law to eliminate these actions and to work with the district attorney to fully prosecute these young hooligans.”

 ``No family should be subjected to the reckless and dangerous activities perpetrated by these individuals,” Camacho said. ``This city will not serve as a haven for these kinds of activities.”

 Sheriff's Capt. Patrick Valdez said his department will work with surrounding law enforcement agencies to enforce all vehicle laws pertaining to street racing.

 ``Street racing of any kind of motorized vehicle on a public road is illegal and will not be tolerated in the City of Pico Rivera,” Valdez said. ``Illegal racing encompasses any racing activity not properly sanctioned or allowed by law and any person who violates the law will be arrested, their driver's license suspended, and their vehicle impounded for 30 days.”

Photo: Getty Images

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