Demonstrators Arrested At Downtown L.A. Protest

Police have arrested about 25 clergy members who were blocking Spring Street in downtown Los Angeles Tuesday morning during a protest in front of a building where U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions making an appearance.

The clergy members were ordered to disperse around 10:30 a.m. this morning, but they remained seated in the middle of the road. Revered Felicia Parazaider of The Revolution of Love congregation in North Hollywood told City News Service while she sat on Spring Street waiting to be arrested. 

"It's not even about politics, this is about our humanity, this is about our moral compass in this country at this historic moment. And we have to take a stand, or in this case we are sitting down and saying, no, this is not OK.” Parazaider said. "I'm an interfaith minister and I don't profess to know everything about every piece of scripture, but Jesus' message was about love, and its all about inclusively and welcoming your neighbor." 

Police gave the protesters a five-minute warning before they began the arrests. By then, most of the protester moved to the sidewalk to watch as clergy members locked arms and sat down in the middle of the street. 

Sessions reportedly visited the federal courthouse building today where he is scheduled to speak at a luncheon at the Biltmore Hotel Tuesday afternoon.

Hundreds of protesters are demanding action after President Trump recently ended his administration's 'zero-tolerance' immigration policy at the border that had separated at least 2,300 children from their migrant parents at the border. 

Spring Street was reopened about a half-hour after the arrests began. 

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