Rep. Maxine Waters Calls For Public Harassment of Trump Officials

Democrat congresswoman calls for Trump officials to be harassed in public

During a rally in Los Angeles over the weekend, Rep. Maxine Waters called for people to confront staff members and officials from the Trump administration in public amid backlash over the government's immigration policies. 

The California Democrat and frequent critic of President Donald Trump called for supporters to publicly confront and harass members of the Trump administration in response to the government's immigration policy that led to the separation of families at the border. Waters' comments come following several incidents during which several Trump officials have been protested by people while they were dining out at Washington D.C.-area restaurants. 

"If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, in a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd. And you push back on them and you tell that they are not welcome," said Waters. "We've got to get the children connected to their parents." 

"We don't know what damage has been done to these children. All that we know is they're in cages. They're in prisons. They're in jails. I don't care what they call it, that's where they are and Mr. President, we will see you every day, every hour of the day, everywhere that we are to let you know you cannot get away with this," she added.

In a television interview later aired on MSNBC, Congresswoman Waters seemed to double down on her statements at the rally saying she has no sympathy for members of the Trump administration. 

"We blame this president, and that racist Attorney General Jeff Sessions and John Kelly, they all said they were going to do this. They said publicly they were going to separate these children from their parents," said Waters. 

Trump, in a misinterpretation of Waters' words, tweeted Monday afternoon that the California Democrat was calling for people to harm Trump supporters. 

"Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an extraordinarily low IQ person, has become, together with Nancy Pelosi, the Face of the Democrat Party. She has just called for harm to supporters, of which there are many, of the Make America Great Again movement. Be careful what you wish for Max!"

At no point during the rally did Waters call for physical harm to Trump officials or harassment against Trump supporters. 

During Saturday's rally, Waters also called for President Trump to be removed from office.

"It is time for us to say, even though there are those who don't want us to say it, Mr. President, you need to impeached," Waters said. 

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