Stereotypes Dads Deal With With The Dad Podcast

Dads everywhere are subjected to annoying stereotypes on a daily basis.

Think about it.  How many of these phrases that The Independent put together have you heard or said?

  1. You've got him well trained
  2. You're doing it wrong, it should be like this
  3. Are you disappointed the baby wasn't a boy?
  4. Are you babysitting today?
  5. It's nice to see a man looking after the kids
  6. Bet you can't wait until your wife comes back
  7. Wow, your baby is massive!
  8. Get used to never having sex again now the kids are here
  9. Who ironed the kids' clothes?
  10. Did your wife lay out the kids' outfits for you?
  11. There's always one! (if you arrive late somewhere)
  12. You're actually quite good at putting on a nappy
  13. Oh, you managed to make it here on time
  14. You're such a hands-on dad
  15. You're such a softie
  16. Where is your partner?
  17. Oh, you managed to remember to pack his PE kit
  18. Is it hard to work full time with a baby?
  19. Your baby seems really happy with you
  20. It must be hard for you to get up early with the kids

What do all of these imply?

That dads just aren't as capable as moms.

Are the annoying?


Are they a big deal?

Not really.

Justin Worsham of The Dad Podcast explains:

"In 2012, there was a mini uproar about Huggies launching a campaign toting the strength of their diapers being able to survive "the dad test." Basically saying our diapers are so good that they can hold up even when dad is left with the kids. 

Even with the rise of stay at homes dads over the last 10 years plus years, the fact remains that most of those dads are there because they are unemployed. So, it makes sense that dads would get a few condescending comments. The real point is that these comment don’t seem to imply malice but are more based in the realities of the stay at home dad. 

Personally I don’t get offended by people thinking I am incompetent as a father. I get it. The only part that bugs me is that I used to wrestle with the feeling of being a loser because I was home taking care of my kids. No one ever told me that I was. I just felt it. It wasn’t until I got a job that made it to where I couldn’t be home that I realized I wasn’t a loser. Just a guy who wanted to take care of his kids."

To hear more of Justin's take on stereotypes that dads deal with, and other parenting topics, you can check out all of his stuff at The Dad Podcast

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