#WhatchaWatchinWednesday: Bachelorette Report with Petros

Thank you.

Thank you for coming back, week after week, and subjecting yourself to The Bachelorette.

We know it sucks.  It sucks something awful, but we thank you for appreciating our attempt to make it something palatable and enjoyable.

This week, it didn't get any better.

The male model, Jordan (a.k.a. The Plant), is just a piece of work.  I could try to explain how his shirt collar is important (apparently) but he does a better job of it.

If you were wondering about the *ahem* intellectually quality of the cast, you need not wonder anymore.  There's a Flat Earther...

Jordan also wears some gold underwear (that Becca gave him), which infuriates Colton because, you know, this is a legitimate show about finding love.  Idiots...

And finally, speaking of love, one man thinks he has found, and it gives us the best 11 seconds of the show so far.

Still have a hankering for Petros?  You can get as much as you desire at AM570 LA Sports

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