Dr. Wendy Discusses Psychopaths In Relationships

The fact that psychopaths are emotionally shallow, lack empathy, and refuse to take responsibility for their own actions would lead most to believe that they would be ill-suited for an intimate relationship, and that is exactly correct.

When a psychopath engages in an intimate relationship with a non-psychopath, the relationship may last for some time.  This is usually fueled by the non-psychopath's energy and optimism, making compromises and adjustments, all with the hope that the relationship may work in the end.  This hope and optimism manifests itself in emotional support, which may be enough for some time.

However, when two psychopaths have a relationship with each other, that emotional support does not come from either individual.  Due to this, their relationships have many problems and also fail at a very high rate.

A recent study found that that relationships with psychopathic traits in both partners show problems early on, which only increase and get worse as time goes on.

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