Two Hurt in Stabbing in Burbank

BURBANK (CNS) - Two people were injured today in a stabbing attack at a fast-food restaurant in Burbank.

 The attack occurred around 11 a.m. at the Burger King at 545 Victory Blvd., according to the Burbank Police Department.

 Two men who were in the restaurant at the time said the assailant stabbed their friend, a man in his 70s, while the trio were sitting at a table talking.

“We were sitting in the table, the three of us to talk, we come here every day,” the witness told reporters.

 “And then the guy all of a sudden got up ... and he started to go like this,” the man said, making a stabbing motion. ``I didn't know he had a knife. I thought he was hitting my friend. Then some guy, thank God he was here ... he was strong enough to hold the guy down, otherwise he was going to kill everybody here. You have no idea, that guy was going nuts.”

 Another witness said the assailant was ``yelling and screaming” when he stood up and started attacking the man.

 The victim was taken to a hospital in unknown condition.

 Authorities said two people were injured, but it was unclear if the second person was also a victim or the suspect, who was apparently taken into custody after being held down by the good Samaritan.

 The circumstances were under investigation.

Photo: Getty Images

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