Two Arrested On Suspicion Of Pointing Laser At Anaheim Police Helicopter

ANAHEIM (CNS) - Two juveniles were arrested today after police said they used a laser pointer to distract officers in a helicopter.

 The pilot of an Anaheim Police Department helicopter reported to officers on the ground around 12:30 a.m. that someone on the balcony of an apartment was pointing a green laser into the cockpit of the helicopter and directed officers to an apartment complex in the 1000 block of East La Palma Avenue, according to Lt. Chris Pina of the Anaheim Police Department.

 The helicopter crew was not able to pinpoint the exact apartment where the laser was spotted, so officers left the scene, Pina said.

 Around 1 a.m., the helicopter pilot reported a laser being pointed into the cockpit and the observer was able to determine the exact apartment where the laser was coming from, said Pina.

 Officers went to the apartment and took the two juveniles, said to be 15-year-old boys, into custody, Pina said.

 The incident was described as “super dangerous” and officers were taking it “very seriously,” said Pina.

 No injuries were reported.

Photo: Getty Images

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